Top Paying Jobs in Healthcare in the USA

The coronavirus pandemic has seen its worst effects in the United States of America, with the country reporting the most Covid-19 cases and deaths. And hence, the healthcare sector has been pushed to the brink in the USA.

The healthcare sector has also seen a rise in the number of jobs in the USA this year. The type of healthcare jobs has also seen a change with the pandemic turning the country upside down.

USA has world-class facilities in the healthcare sector, and pays its workforce on par with some of the best in the business. But the compensation differs in terms of the nature of jobs in the healthcare sector in the USA.

So, here are the top paying jobs in the healthcare sector in the USA.

Physicians and surgeons – $208,000 per year

They are highly qualified medical professionals and draw the biggest pay package. They draw a median pay of $208,000 per year. But the pay could vary depending on the clients, locations where they are practicing, and their own goodwill and reputation.

Physicians are those who treats patients of their illnesses and diseases, but may or may not do surgeries. But surgeons are physicians who conduct surgeries to treat the patients.

Physicians can work in various medical fields such as radiology, dermatology, cardiology, and may choose to work as psychiatrists, pediatricians or general physicians.
Surgeons specialize in surgeries in various medical fields such as reconstructive, cardiovascular, and neurological surgeries.

Dentist – $156,240 per year

Dentist have gained a prominence position in the society now. With tooth decay becoming a common problem now, dentists are in great demand. They could start up their own clinics or also offer their services in hospitals and serve as their employees. They earn a median pay of $156,240 per year.

Dentists could even specialize in fields such as pediatric dentists, orthodontists, oral pathologists, dental anesthesiologists, among others. They could also earn through other means such as offering to teach in medical colleges on part-time basis.

Podiatrist – $129,550 per year

Podiatrist treats problems related to feet, ankles or lower legs, and even perform surgeries on the affected areas. And they are paid well as this is a specialized field, and requires precise knowledge and experience to treat ailments related to the legs.

They could even specialize in sports medicine, and pediatrics. In the decade ending 2028, the employment opportunity for podiatrists is set to grow at 6 percent. Currently, they draw a median pay of $129,550 per year

Pharmacist – $126,120 per year

Their job is quite hectic as they work round-the-clock in highly stressful environment to meet the demands of their profession. They dispense medicines, healthcare products and other consumer goods via prescription to patients.

They have to ensure they give out the right medicine as it could be a matter of life and death. They also must have medical knowledge to dispense the correct medicines to the clients.

They also offer other services such as providing health screenings, and conducting immunization drives. They draw a median pay of $126,120 per year.

Optometrist – $111,790 per year

Pollution and excess exposure to technologies such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have led people to suffer from problems with the eyes. The role of an optometrist then come into the picture.

They treat illnesses related to the eyes such as glaucoma, nearsightedness and farsightedness. They also conduct surgeries related to the eyes. They also treat eye problems such as low vision.

Their job prospect is expected to grow by 10 percent in the decade ending 2028. They earn a median pay of $111,790 per year.

Veterinarian – $93,830 per year

Veterinarian treats animals affected with illnesses or diseases. They not only diagnose the disease, but also give the treatment, and conduct surgeries if required.

They also advise caretaker of the animals on ways to keep the animal healthy and free from diseases. They serve all types of animals, but they may specialize in treating any particular animal or groups of animals.

They could treat just dogs or go to farms where animals are reared for food, and treat them. They must be animal lovers to treat their patients effectively.

Veterinarians are in demand in both rural and urban areas. They even work for the non-governmental organizations in rescuing and treating animals who have been left to die on the roads.

They also take the task of euthanizing animals who are suffering from terminal illnesses. They even hold vaccination drives for the animals, and work towards combating any communicable illnesses that may originate from the animals.

They are extremely in demand, and their employment opportunity is expected to double in the next decade.

They draw a median pay of $93,830 every year. If the veterinarian is a self-employed and practicing on his own, he may draw an even higher pay. His pay could be even higher depending on his client, location of his clinic, or the goodwill or reputation he has created with his patients.

Physical therapist – $87,930 per year

Physical therapist works for patients who have mobility issues, or are suffering from any chronic illness or injury that hampers their movement. They work on reducing the pain of the patients, and help them overcome the illness or injury.

They help in rehabilitation of patients who have suffered physical injuries and are not in a position to move freely. They also treat patients suffering from fractures, sports injuries or neurological disorders. They also help out patients suffering from arthritis, sprains and amputations.

They draw a median salary of $87,930 per year. However, they could earn more depending on their clients, locations where they practice their profession or the goodwill or reputation they have created with the patients.

Healthcare sector in the USA is booming, and the coronavirus pandemic has seen the medical field make rapid strides. The demand for quality healthcare staff has been increasing, and their pay is set to only go north in the coming decade. This is the best time for young students to try their luck in the medical field.

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