HCA Rewards

HCA healthcare is completely committed to the enhancement of human life by showing its utmost care to the patients as well as to the employees. In extending this mission support head CA works forward to create an environment which combines the values, enhances respects and also ensures to reward the employees. To access the various benefits of employees, HCA has created online portal named HCA Rewards/bconnected hca.

HCA healthcare family employees tried hard to support each other by creating a healthy tomorrow. They would provide everything at a best and also need to be very much careful in concern and caring themselves. This is the reason the company comes forward to provide fair, unbiased, smart and also so very much competitive pay package which includes benefits like health, wellness benefits educational support, retirement savings assistance which can accessed from the HCA Rewards portal, work from home and many more associated things can be found. You can find below the details and understand how health care strives hard to create a greatest benefit to the employees of the sector.

How to login to hcarewards/bconnected hca?

Creating a login password is very simple in order to access the web portal. We need to get to understand how this login is to be done and what kind of procedures to be followed. Find below the steps and the necessary procedures to be incorporated while you setup a network and receive your temporary password.

Before logging into the bconnected hca portal you are requested to receive a temporary password through the mail which you have entered or given during the registration. Based on the temporary password you receive you can access the hcarewards portal which would be found on the screen.

HCA Rewards Login

If you are a returning user of hca rewards, you can login to the dashboard by following the below instructions

  • Visit the official website : https://hcarewards.com/
  • Enter your HCA 3-4 ID and Password
  • Submit the Log In button
  • On the successful validation you will redirected to the dashboard

HCA Rewards Forgot Password

  • Open the link HCAhrAnswers.com
  • Login with HCA 3-4 ID and the HCA network password
  • Get ready with the email address and the security questions.
  • Type the email address and security questions to reset your password
  • Check your mail where you have received temporary password
  • Open the link hcarewards.lifeatworkportal.com and type in your HCA3-4 Id
  • Below that, capture option would be given follow the direction

HCA Rewards First time user login

  • If you are logging in for the first time then check out below
  • Remember the initial password
  • Your initial password is the last 4 digits of the SS number and DOB

Instructions after typing HCA 3-4 ID

  • The box labelled “type the two words” in which, enter the words given there
  • Other than letters and numbers found do not enter any other.
  • Next, image gets displayed where you will have to type the image name
  • If you are not sure about the words either you can type in what you have understood from the image or refresh for new words.
  • Click the option called refresh button for new image and the recaptcha word

Hcahranswers – Login

  • Visit official HCA HR Answers Website : http://hcahranswers.com/
  • Type in your registered HCA User ID and Password
  • On submitting the right details you will be logged into the hcahranswers portal
  • If you have forgot the password, you can reset it by click on “Forgot your password?” link placed at the bottom of the page
  • Follow the on screen instructions like submitting the 3-4 User (HCA) or other available options.

HCA Rewards – Medical

Benefits of HCA are following which gives you an extensive understanding about what kind of features include in the medical benefits.

  • It is an inclusion of office visits, information, prescriptions and outpatient care
  • Aims to provide preventive care facilities for free of cost
  • Generic drugs are distributed for free
  • Many common services have been considered as no deductible options
  • Services of telemedicine has been provided
  • If the employee is hospitalized and the distance is 150 miles from home free AirMed transport is given.

HCA Rewards- Behavioural health

Mental health is absolutely needed because people who work in the healthcare industry will be automatically influenced negatively by looking out for the patient continuously. Other than the things they do need some psychological treatment and that is why HCA healthcare focuses more on this kind of aspect.

  • Counselling which will be therapeutic as well as psychological
  • Analysis like applied behavioural concept
  • Abuse treatment substances
  • Emergency services and treatments

HCA Rewards- Wellness

HCA healthcare focuses on customer options like real age tests from shared care, wellness resources with my FITagetool and you will be given free of access to get to know the financial planning through the professionals. For more login into bconnected hca

HCA Rewards- Dental and vision

Employees of healthcare industry can have free dental preventive options and also coverage will be provided to them if there is any major dental Care to be taken point alongside annual examination of eye check up also has been done for free of cost once in a year where they would get the benefits of discounts for buying lenses, laser correction surgery, frames and also they can save huge amount of money by replacing their eyeglasses or sunglasses.

HCA Rewards- Retirement and Money

HCA plan

  • One of the magnanimous plans of HCA healthcare is to provide a 401(k) plan.
  • This comes as 100% matching up of 9% inclusion in their basic pay and also depends on the service years
  • There also professionally managed funds
  • Funds come in low options and also fees are transparently transacted
  • Retirement clearinghouse partnership helps the health care sector to provide rollover services and also creates management option of retirement account

HCA Rewards- ESOP

Employees can go for purchasing HCA healthcare stock options and get a 10% discount on every stock purchase. This can really take place through many options like payroll deductions, earning dividend on every purchase of shares and also creating saving options for the future

HCA Rewards- Flexible spending details

No that for certain kinds of health Care details and also expenses for child care will have tax free options.

HCA Rewards – Education

  • HCA reimbursement- Tuition fee
    There is an option of tax free and tuition reimbursement for every academic year or a calendar year with respective to the higher education courses is made. This includes reduction of book fees and also other course fees. Alongside there are chances to get free access to the counsellors, advisors.
  • HCA Loan Assistance
    Student loan assistance can be found from this healthcare from where they would be entitled to receive monthly benefits according to the full time or part time category. They can repay loans after they complete the degree and this also comes with unlimited financial benefits helping every student to pursue education by evaluating the repayment capacity.
  • HCA clinical certification
    Fee reimbursement prepaid voucher concept and also special payments for completing specific recognitions other than the existing position demands.
  • HCA scholar program
    People who are pursuing their education under merit based category will be provided scholarships for the eligible students. Access more information on hca rewards login bconnected

HCA time Off

  • Paid time
    During the banking hours employees can receive a complete base rate of pay depending upon the vacation or the employees.
  • Paid family leave
    Employees are entitled to take 14 calendar days categorised under the family leave benefit according to the bond policy. This can be constituted regarding the inclusion of family members who are found serious in their health condition according to the family and medical leave act.
  • Short term problems
    Pay benefits would be provided to the person who’s absent to the work going to some kinds of illness or any kinds of injuries
  • Long term problems
    Income protection would be given to the person who has become totally disabled and cannot continue to the work.
  • Multiple leaves
    Different kinds of leaves are provided like family and medical leave, educational holidays, general medical leave for personal leaves and many other things according to the company policy. Hcahranswers would give complete insights about the employee benefits

HCA Rewards general inclusions

  • Adoption support
    If an employee has a plan to adopt a child there is a possibility of reimbursement or taking care of the expenses related to the adoption policy. This can obviously include their travel cost, agency cost and the attorney fees as well.
  • Childcare advantage
    There are many kinds of platforms found to assist to explore a special child or also the assistance will be provided to the elder care with special attention
  • Retail discounts
    Offers, retail discounts and many kinds of options also provided
  • Employee assistance program
    People would provide you confidential psychological assistance through counselling and referrals options where you get to have contact with personal networking and also financial advice.

About HCA healthcare

HCA healthcare is a world class Private hospital which has created clinics, outpatients’ wards, About HCA healthcare. HCA healthcare is a world class Private hospital which has created clinics, outpatients’ wards, diagnostic centres and also it includes private GP services. It aims to provide quality care to the patients and also has partnered with many trusts. Hospital was founded in 1968 and currently it manages approximately 185 hospitals and also surgery centres constituting services options. It also has freestanding services, emergency Care centres, clinics in the US as well as in the United Kingdom. New York stock exchange trading began when he introduced shares to the public in 1969. It has witnessed a mammoth growth within the next consecutive two decades since establishment. It is also listed in the Fortune 500 of the United States constituting total revenue.


Can you explain about HCA rewards?

HCA healthcare is exclusively open to the web portal for the employees where they can get access to which know about all welfare and benefit details. They would also provide the login beneficiary options and they can get complete access to the whole welfare provided by the healthcare sector. This benefit is not only provided to the employee alone but it is also extended to the family members and for the retired employees.

How to login to HCA rewards?

HCA 3-4 ID would be given to every current employee working in the healthcare sector and a temporary password would have been sent to the mail that I have provided. Once after they receive the temporary password they can create a new password by resetting the option.
Username and password are created for the current employee
Typing the username and the password the respective boxes and click the login option
If there is any kind of trouble being found logging in then they can get to know through head HCA HR answers or can get login solutions from HCA rewards

What to do if the HCA password is forgotten?

If an employee has forgotten the password there are two options provided to them and their given below
The employee has to visit hcahranswers.com and needs to login with the necessary ID and network password.
Next is to click the option HCA rewards which are found on my total rewards box located in the home page. You will get this access and you need not try another login option.

Sometimes the accounts get locked. What are we supposed to do?

Accounts get locked when you try doing multiple failed login attempts. Insert state you have to do the following process.
Try to call be connected and the number is 800 566- 4114
Once you call the respective number you are requested to type in the last 4 digits of your SSN and also you need to type the date of birth.
You are requested to press for and then connect to the Bconnected representative

I am a first time user; kindly explain to me the procedure of login.

If you are visiting first time at hcarewards.com then you have to type the respective email id that you have given at the time of registration. You would be initiated with the password where the last 4 digits of the respective employees SSN along with date of birth will be the registration process.

What are the emergency numbers to be known?

If you have forgotten HCA 3-4 ID try to call the HCA HR answers at 844 472-6797
If you have forgotten the network password you need to contact the local IT department and the help desk
If you are waiting for alternative user ID then you need to receive it and then enter into the respective field
For more questions regarding HC rewards login call at 800 566- 4114

I am a retired employee, explain to me the benefits of HCA rewards.

Different kinds of benefits and wellness programs are being offered to the former employees of the retired employees. You can definitely work from time away from the work program concept and also you can get to understand the wellness programs which are prescribed for your respective category. You are entitled to opt for an employee stock option purchase plan, and you can also avail it through the retirement clearinghouse schemes. Get the varieties of resources for the retirees who also have been provided with great benefits which are given in the website.

What kind of resources are there for the HCA rewards retirees?

You have to intimate the supervisor and try to visit the HR office.
Discuss all your retirement plans and also when are you planning to retire.
After that you would receive information and also there are some procedures to complete to get the facility
If you decide to move permanently or temporarily you need to still receive benefits for which you have to report the changes to the facility HR office.
Wageworks will send information to your respective mail
After employment termination is scheduled information will be received automatically in the concerned mail about the health coverage and other kinds of retiree medical plans

What is the purpose of contacting a retirement clearinghouse?

As a part and parcel of the retirement employee benefits, there are various kinds of additional assistance in checking out the retirement details. The association of HCA with retirement clearinghouse will definitely get you understanding about the options given. There is also extra support being offered where the detail program of the retirement education as well as how to save financial details also would be provided to the retired employees.

Is HCA benefit plan provided to the Spouse and other dependents?

HCA benefit plans are definitely provided to the spouse as well as to the employees’ dependence which are covered under the prescribed plans. You can definitely get access about the benefits from the website as follows from the respective web portal.

Where to get the benefit providers details in the HCA healthcare website?

Log into the web portal hcahwe.com/hcarereawards/pages/benefitsproviders.aspx.
This login is to get to know the health & wellness benefits, financial benefits, retirement benefits, life and disability benefits and other kinds of benefits providers.