Different Jobs in Healthcare And Their Pay

Healthcare has received a lot of prominence this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The healthcare workers have been given the status of god this year as they are in the forefront of fighting this deadly virus.

Some countries have had adopted unique ways to applaud these healthcare workers. For example, citizens had come together to applaud the work of the healthcare workers from their balconies during the lockdown early this year.

There are various different jobs or careers in healthcare. In fact, healthcare is one of the most sought-after career with students spending years studying, and a fortune to get a degree.

And yes, there are a world of opportunities for them when they pass out and start practising their profession. They also earn well, enough to pay off their student’s loan and live a privileged life.

So, here are the different jobs or careers in healthcare and their corresponding pay.

Physical therapists

This is a lucrative career in healthcare now. Their work starts when a person is recovering from an illness, injury or a chronic condition. They help the patient to manage the pain that comes with their condition or injury. The physical therapists work on the rehabilitation of the patients, and help them overcome their injury or illness.

The great benefits of being a physical therapist is that they get to choose their patients, and work as per their comforts and needs. As per latest figures, physical therapists earned a median annual wage of $87,930. The demand for physical therapists is expected to grow in the decade ending 2028.


Thanks to the pandemic, the cases of mental health issues are on a rise. And the best part is that people are increasingly coming forward to deal with their mental health issues. Earlier, the topic was not even considered worth discussing, and a label of shame was attached to it.

But now people have recognised mental health issues as a genuine illness, and are seeking help of psychiatrist to help them overcome their condition. And the demand for psychiatrist is set to grow in the next decade. And the salary or the income they draw from their services will also see an upward trend.

It is a highly qualified profession, and psychiatrists hold doctorate degree in their field. As per latest figures, they have been earning an median annual salary of $216,000.

However, the psychiatrist, who are mostly self-employed and run their own practice, could demand a higher pay depending on the client, location, and their reputation or goodwill in treating patients effectively.


Pediatrician will always be in demand in any healthcare sector. The pandemic has also emphasised the need to take care of the health of children, giving them vaccines on time, and taking preventive measures whenever possible.

Pediatrician must also have a few additional skills such as compassion, sympathy as they deal with the vulnerable sector of the population. They are also extremely popular among the people, with parents trusting them blindly. And that gives pediatrician an even bigger responsibility to do their job timely and effectively.

As per latest figures, they earn an annual median salary of $183,240. The growth is expected to be about 7% in this field.

General physician

Even in today’s time, people prefer to first visit their general physician for their regular health issues, as these doctors would prefer giving treatment for the symptoms, rather than asking patients to go for a long list of tests before diagnosing the illness, and then giving a prescription.

Hence, visiting a GP is affordable for most people, and do not burn a hole in their pockets. Only when the illness is beyond the professional capacity of the GP, the medical practitioner recommends the patients to visit a specialist or a hospital.

The GP is not a specialist, but has enough knowledge to treat common illnesses, and hence, you’ll find a long queue of patients in their clinic.

The GP has been in demand throughout, and will continue to stay in demand as they are hugely popular in low or middle-income neighbourhoods.

They could draw a median salary of $208,000 per year, depending on their patients, their goodwill, and the neighbourhood they practise their profession.


Highly qualified nurses have been in demand during this pandemic. In fact, their roles are important to neutralise the effects of a pandemic. They have been celebrated this year for taking on the battle to combat the virus.

As per latest figures, they draw a median salary of $71,730 per year. Their numbers are expected to swell by 12pc by 2028 in the USA. The country has had 3 million registered nurse jobs in 2018.

Their role is not just limited to assisting the doctors, but overall coordination and educating the patients in post-hospitalisation care, among others.


With tooth decay being one of the major problems faced by urban people, dentists have become quite popular now. They have the liberty to work as per their convenience. They could also join a clinic and practise their profession there. As per latest figures, dentists earned a median salary of $156,240 per year.


This field in healthcare has grown by leaps and bounds recently. With people becoming conscious of what they choose to eat or leave it out, dietitian chart a healthy diet plan for them, and help their clients maintain their weight goal. Besides, dietitian also helps obese patients to lose weight with the right mix of diet and exercises.

Their pay varies depending on their clients, and the nature of weight loss or weight gain therapy. This field is set to grow by 11% by 2028.

Healthcare sector is set to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming decade as this pandemic has showed quality healthcare is mandatory in every country. And for that, the country needs quality, talented and hard-working healthcare staff. And these healthcare workers also need to be compensated fairly to retain them in their profession.

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