Common Medical Benefits of Employees in the USA

The human resource department of any company struggles to retain the top talents. For this, they need to have generous benefits plans for employees that will attract new candidates and also will retain the existing ones. According to Glassdoor’s employment survey report, around 60% of people have stated that they will choose a company by analyzing the employee benefits that the company follows. And also around 80% prefer to get additional benefits over an increment. It is also understood that these benefits vary from country to country and it depends upon its laws and regulation. Apart from basic and mandatory medical benefits like sick pay and paid holidays, there are many more medical benefits that employees get. Now let us analyze the medical benefits through insurance coverage that the employees of the USA enjoy.

Medical insurance benefit

Medical insurance is not mandatory in the USA but still, most employers provide medical insurance for their staff. It is because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) insists the employers who have a large number of workers ie. It can be more than 50 workers, to provide medical insurance to the workers. If they fail to give medical insurance then they are asked to pay the penalty. So this is why big organizations provide medical insurance without fail. The premium for the medical insurance is paid by both the employee and the employer where the employer pays 82% and the employee pays 18%. This insurance covers doctors and hospital visits, surgeries, and prescriptions.

Dental insurance benefit

An employee who wears a good smile can enhance the productivity of the work. This is why most employers show attention to employees’ dental care. It is also known that two-thirds of Americans have taken a dental insurance plan. There is an increased connection with the oral and the overall health of a person. It is also reported that people who don’t take dental care are likely to have heart disease, osteoporosis, and even diabetes. The dental plans normally cover preventive care that includes regular cleaning, restorative care that takes care of fillings and crowns, oral surgery, braces, dentures, and bridges.

Vision Insurance benefit

Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made employers with 50 or more employees to cover health insurance, this law is not for vision insurance. It is completely the personal interest of the employer to provide this insurance type to his staff. This policy covers the regular eye checkup and special discounts on buying power glasses for their eyes. Certain policies allow you to have laser surgeries too. The employer needs to care about his employees as they are sitting before the computer for long hours and strain their eyes during their working hours. Each dollar that is spent by the company is received as a return of $ 1.45 because of the reduction in their health care cost and increased productivity.

Cancer insurance benefit

Cancer Insurance is the most needed insurance in today’s’ lifestyle we live in. We all are prone to cancer because of our food habits. It has been estimated that around 1,735,350 Americans are expected to get cancer by the end of 2021. With early diagnosis and with the help of advanced treatment methods, the survival rate is increasing rapidly. But the financial crisis will let you give up in this battle. So it is very essential to have cancer insurance. Companies that have a hazardous working environment mainly the one that deals with chemicals and gases will cover their employees with cancer insurance. It is considered to be supplemental insurance and the employee who has been diagnosed with cancer will be given a lump sum of the amount by the insurance provider.

Critical illness insurance benefit

Every company understands that the critical illness insurance coverage will help the employee with critical illness to pass the hardship and financial crisis and gives affordable protection. The long-term or serious illnesses are considered to be critical illnesses and this includes heart attack, stroke, and loss of any organ in the body, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. The employer will provide sick pay at the time of your treatment. You can even take income protection insurance as an individual and this will protect your family from financial loss. The critical insurance provider will give a huge amount at the time of diagnosing and this will support your medical treatment as well as your family.

Occupational Accident Insurance benefit

People get injured while they are in their job. In this case, the employer needs to take responsibility for treating the employee and should bear the medical expense. This happens very often so that is why employers started taking occupational accident insurance for employees. This policy covers common injuries like burns, bone fractures, eye injuries, etc. And if the employee is a field worker then accidents that are caused during driving will also be covered under this insurance. This will safeguard the employer and will down the medical expenses he needs to spend for his employee. So every employer will allow his employees to have this benefit.

Disability insurance benefit

While recruiting an employee, the employer will always check his physical fitness and he also requires a fitness certificate from his doctor that has to be submitted at the time of joining. This is a common practice followed in the US. But an employee may become disabled while working in the company. This disability sometimes can be a short time or sometimes it can be a life-long disability. No one can predict our future and in this case, the employer should consider the employee’s future. Many companies in the US will take this disability insurance for their workers. And will make them face their future with hope. According to the disability, the employee will get payment from the insurance provider.

Employees in the US are highly benefited from many medical schemes and plans. This will make them more loyal to their company and will enhance the productivity of the company. The employer and the employee will work for hand in hand and makes a remarkable change in the growth of the company.

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